Cute and Nostalgic Beetlejuice Cassette Tape Colorful Light Up Decoration Gift | Embrace the Spooky Fun!

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Step into a world of adorable nostalgia with our Cute and Nostalgic Beetlejuice Cassette Tape Colorful Light-Up Decoration! This charming gift captures the essence of Beetlejuice with a touch of cuteness and vivid LED lights. Perfect for Beetlejuice fans, Halloween enthusiasts, or those who love quirky and colorful decor. This piece of quirky decor beautifully captures the nostalgic essence of Beetlejuice, evoking a sense of delight in fans and admirers of the classic movie.

Prepare to be dazzled as the vivid LED lights breathe life into this Beetlejuice cassette. The playful colors add a touch of magic, making it an enchanting centerpiece for any space. Whether day or night, this colorful light-up decoration creates a mesmerizing display that brightens up your surroundings.

This lightweight and compact Beetlejuice Cassette Light-Up Decoration can grace any room in your home. Whether it’s your living room, bedroom, office, or Halloween party, this charming gift fits right in and spreads a playful spirit of spookiness and nostalgia.Order now and add a dash of playful spookiness to your surroundings!

I make with meticulous care and premium materials, this Beetlejuice cassette ensures long-lasting charm. The energy-efficient LED lights promise continuous enjoyment, allowing you to relish the nostalgic magic for years to come.

NOTE: You can personalize the album / song name at the bottom of the tape with your own favorite. Just write it as a note when ordering. You should not exceed 3-4 words in your customization requests.


Multicolored: It is the product with a neon atmosphere that includes the blue, pink, amber, red acnd green tones you see in the pictures and the video below.
Other colors: Depending on the color you choose, both the inside and the outside of the cassette will be one static color.


There are two connection sockets at the right and left bottom of the cassette. If you wish, you can try a different decoration by plugging the extension cables (includes in your package) into each of these sockets, or by connecting two extension cables together into only right side socket, gain a total of 7.5 meters of extension space.


41.5 × 27 centimeters / 10.5 x 16.5 inches
It is hung on the wall with two small nails through the holes behind it or you can use the stand for your shelf-table-bookcase-collection showcase.


🔥 This product is not only for night decoration. It also looks aesthetic and stylish in daylight with the lights off.
🔥 You don’t need an extension cord. The length of the adapter cable and the extension cables together is 7.5 meters in total!
🔥 We support our products with 12V and CE certified full quality adapters.
🔥 With the tiny power button cleverly positioned, you can easily turn its lights on and off.
🔥 We support our products with high lumen LEDs with 60,000 hours lifetime. It adds a cool ambiance of color to its surroundings.
🔥 By choosing Ledclaw products, you will get a unique and special gift for yourself or your loved ones that you cannot find anywhere else.


  • ✪ Illuminated BEETLE JUICE Cassette Wall Decor
  • ✪ 2x Extension power cord (3 meters)
  • ✪ 1x 12 volt CE Certified EU Plug Adapter (1.5 meters)
  • ✪ 1x US or AU Plug Converter (depends on order location)
  • ✪ 1x Stand for shelf or desk use
  • ✪ Hanging Parts


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Amber, Blue, Green, Multicolored, Red, Warm White, White


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