We are the dreamers!

Hello, welcome to our shop :)

We make unique illuminated designs for wall decoration. We started this business by doing something (night lights) for ourselves. Therefore, we are inspired by what we love and admire and try to discover what we have in common with you. Thank you in advance to everyone who appreciates and prefers our products. I hope you will be satisfied with every experience you have with us. We are doing our best and will continue to do so!

We design and draw every stage of our signs ourselves. After the design phase, we complete the cutting processes of our products. The remaining part is 100% handmade. We use high quality wood material and cast acrylic in our products. For lighting, we use high lumen module LED and strip LED according to the design.

Each product may have different difficulties due to its design. However, our average production time for our products in general is 2-4 days. We work with fast and express shipping. So distances are not important. We ship worldwide (224 countries), work with the best cargo integration companies for you and send with fast express shipping. We use protective carbon styrofoam in packaging and support it with polyethylene foam sheets and make sure it is packaged very well.

Please see more for estimated shipping times:

North America: 2-4 business days

Europe: 1-2 business days

Australia, New Zealand and Oceania: 3-6 working days

Asia Pacific: 4-6 business days

Russia: 4-6 business days

Latin America and Caribbean: 3-6 business days

North Africa and Middle East: 4-6 business days

Sub-Saharan Africa: 2-4 business days

– Worldwide Shipping from Turkey

– Shipping within 2-4 business days after payment is received.

– Item will be quality packed

– Packages with tracking numbers

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions! Thank you :)


What about the beginning?

We are two Gen Y dreamers and entrepreneurs who are middle-aged but young in energy. And right now we fit worlds into a small workshop.

We got into this business without knowing anything. As we all know very well, the sudden Covid-19 wave in March 2020 was unfortunately very shocking for the whole world. As in the rest of the world, the pandemic confined us to our homes here (in Turkey). During this time, I started to learn drawing programs that I had been putting off for a long time, but always in the back of my mind. From March 2020 to June 2020, I spent most of my time learning these programs during the quarantine period. I think I have come a long way in a short time with the motivation brought by talent and creativity. In fact, my wife convinced me that I was talented and creative, and I finally decided to believe her and always focus on the positive.

In fact, at that time, I had no thought of producing a physical product. I only had hobby ideas, such as preparing better visuals for our travel videos that I prepared, setting up a website, and writing a blog.

However, when I started drawing and felt that I had accomplished something, my thoughts began to move to a completely different point. I started by planning a decoration for my study room. This is how our first product “Colored Cassette Tape-Back to the 80s” was created. Later, I decided to design a nursery for my nephew’s room in their new home. “My Friend the Whale” also came out that way. Then I made it for my wife’s niece from Unicorn, which she loved.

After making detailed drawings of my first products and designing them, I had the first cutting done by furniture manufacturers. I took the cut pieces home and painted them myself, and did the assembly and electrical installation according to my project. Listening to 80’s music and sometimes classical music, I began to find this work an incredible therapy. Maybe it was the only challenge that kept me away from the stress of the pandemic.

I think the result of doing it so enthusiastically and lovingly was that the signs I made were so well liked by the people around us that everyone wanted them. However, it was very costly for us to have my drawings made into physical things because of the price of cutting wood.

On the other hand, creating something from scratch gave me incredible pleasure. I got excited thinking about the joy I could get if I could turn this work and effort into a profit. When I shared these feelings with my wife, she gave me endless support despite the chaos at home. In the end, we went crazy and turned a room in our house into a workshop, paying for it. My wife’s faith and support was always greater than mine. I admire her positive energy and courage. I will never forget that when my father came to our house and saw the final version, he said the same sentence to my wife: “I congratulate you, dear, because you are in the spirit of our son. If I did this, my wife would never allow it”.

What are our goals? What do we want to accomplish?

We have reached all these stages by the end of 2020. Now we can make our products and share them with the world without any support. We took care of everything ourselves, from our website to all the processes. However, after the time wasted learning everything from scratch, we will finally be able to devote more to our new products by 2021. And we will increase our diversity in a short time. We set sail for new dreams and are eager to bring our products together with our valued customers around the world!

Our goal is to win customers who will fall in love with the product. Therefore, we will continue to design our products in detail. Our products should make our customers feel enthusiastic.

EDIT (01.01.2023)

“In a period of 2 years we have realized more than 850 sales. The ETSY marketplace had a great impact on this. We made almost 600 sales there. Sometimes we have a very hard time because everything is handmade. But thank you to everyone who chose us. We have received incredibly nice comments and feedback and that has always encouraged us. Sometimes I wish the days were 48 hours because 24 hours is not enough. I usually spend all my time on orders and a lot of seemingly small but insanely time-consuming things. I have a lot of crazy ideas in my head, but I don’t have time to draw, make or photograph them. I hope to find a way out of this time spiral. Because there are so many things I want to do!

How do we do business now?

During the day we go to our main job. Our Ledclaw adventure continues at home in the evenings. We love our home and working from home. Our other next goal is to design a workshop where we can move to a detached house at the first opportunity and have more comfortable facilities there. To reduce our costs and touch the environment of more people. It is our biggest dream to do our work full time and I believe it will happen!

EDIT (01.01.2023)

“We had a huge laser cutting machine (industrial type) in a room in our house. It was really crazy and stressful. In the summer of 2021, I moved that machine to a small shop that we rented, and that’s where I do the cutting now. I still do everything else at home (painting, assembling, packing and a lot of small and big jobs). This is thanks to our valued customers who choose us. When they supported this small business, we started to achieve good things, even if they are small”.


I’d like to leave you with a little saying. Whenever I lose faith, my wife always reminds me of this motto:

Dream, dream, dream …

Never stop dreaming.

Reality will follow. “Stefano D’Anna”

I hope this post inspires someone. See you soon!





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