Ledclaw is a global boutique design studio made up of a team of two people. We’re so excited to offer products designed specifically for gamers, streamers, geeks, and retro lovers! As our capabilities develop, we’ll be adding more products to our range. We want to make sure that all of our photos are accurate and up-to-date, so we avoid using misleading images. All of our pictures are our own.

Ledclaw is all about bringing energy and warmth to your living spaces with its vibrant, colorful, and original designs that are suitable for all ages and places. We’re so proud to say that all the signs offered in the Ledclaw Store are 90% handmade products, specially designed and made to order. We’re delighted to enrich the living spaces of our customers from all over the world. Currently, we have customers in the USA, Canada, Australia, England, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, France, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Luxembourg, Singapore, China, Maldives, Norway, and beyond! :) We’re so excited to offer our products to customers all over the world! You can enjoy fast shipping and secure online payment options with us.







If you want to place an order but have reservations, this is the place for you

*We’re so proud to say that our Ledclaw store has successfully completed over 1300 orders between 2020 and 2024! It’s been a small but significant achievement for us (update date: 14.04.2024).

*Our parcels have reached many countries, especially the USA, with zero losses. We’re so happy to say that we’re experts in packaging and work only with express shipping companies (FeDEX, UPS, TNT and DHL).

*We’re so proud to say that our customer satisfaction rate is 100%! We’ve never had a customer who met us and was unhappy with us, and we’re really happy about that.

*We stand behind our products, and we’re always here for you. Our relationship never ends after you receive your order. You can easily reach us for any problem. Our policy is completely solution oriented.

*If you’re wondering about shipping costs based on your location, just add it to your cart while ordering and see the cost by selecting the country you are in.

*Our store policies are clear and unambiguous, and we set our schedule according to them. If you choose to shop with us, you can read all about your rights by clicking on our store policy at the bottom of the page.

*Who are we? We are a small family of three (the baby came in 2022!). We are moms, we are dads, we are friends, we are siblings, we are dreamers. We are one of you! You can get our Ledclaw adventure by reading the “Who We Are” section.

*We know that it is easier and safer to shop in big marketplaces, but we also know that sometimes you just want to support a local boutique family business like ours. When you’re a boutique family business like us, you need to be able to show why people can trust you. We hope we have helped.

*We want you to know that we are open to special design ideas for you. That means we can put a game or anything else you want on tapes and disks. We’re always happy to hear from you!

*We promise to reply to every message and email. We just want to let you know that due to time differences and busy schedules, our response may take up to 24 hours.